The "Invitation"


Worlds are in peril, hear this call!

Dalan Magnaheist, Guardian of the gateway to the dimensions making up the Multiverse has been slain and the Key stolen, and now the city of Tyrion is in danger of collapsing upon itself, bringing the worlds together and destroying the multiverse!

I am Seneschal, Gate of Worlds, and I summon you to Tyrion in the hope that you and others like you may be able to solve this mystery before the end of everything takes place!

Not everyone can traverse the city of Tyrion, waypoint of a thousand worlds, but once a decade, as the time runs outside the city, the Guardian calls for a host of people to visit and thereby allowing him to judge the balance of the Multiverse through their tales and actions.
You and others were on the list of people from across the worlds and dimensions to be called here, and therefore the city was prepared for your presence and you will be able to enter and walk places a regular citizen cannot.
Others have already been called, some already walk the city, and one might be the one who did the deed and brings death to the Multiverse.

Help Tyrion, save your world!


The call was answered by...

Abúi's Travels by Reinder Dijkhuis

Dawn of a New Era V2 by Videowizard2007

D.D.S.R. by RazorD9

Hey Fox! by Gabriel Fox

The KAMics by KAM

Karabear Comics Unlimited by Ave Messer

Life & Death by Jonathan Oliver

M. Organ Art (NSFW) by MOrgan

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